St Monica Trust’s Befriending Scheme Needs YOU!

Loneliness has a devastating impact on the lives of older people, with nearly half of all people aged 75 and over living alone and almost 5 million older people say that TV is their main source of company. So why not help by volunteering to befriend an older person in your area.

St Monica Trust’s Befriending Scheme has been running in BS3 and BS14 for over 8 years. The scheme aims to combat isolation and loneliness in over 60’s, by providing regular companionship on a weekly or fortnightly basis. 

We are looking for volunteers aged 18 years and over particularly in the Stockwood and Whitchurch areas, with a wide range of working professions and backgrounds. 

The benefits for volunteers:

Fun way to explore interests and passions with others

Energising escape from day to day routines of work, school or family commitments

Provides individuals with renewed creativity and vision that could boost career options

Increase self confidence

Motivational and a sense of achievement

Volunteers are DBS checked and given the necessary training and support. 

So if you have an hour a week to spare and would like to spend it with someone who would benefit from your company, then please do not delay to get in contact with Karen Bennett, Community Befriending Officer on 0117 305 2365 or 07875 406844, or email

*Photographs (L-R) Volunteers Phil, Alan, Caroline and Jade, Dominic, Steph and Lindsay who have recently completed their induction training and are now excitedly waiting to meet their Befriendee’s. (Centre) Glyn and Cliff, who have been matched for over 8 months.