Restorative Woodcarving Workshop at Blaise Weston Court


This year will see a new programme of opportunities, for both older and younger people to take part in our Restorative Project. The project is primarily aimed at older people affected by anti-social behaviour and younger people at risk of receiving, or who have received Acceptable Behaviour Contracts. As part of this year’s programme, 13 – 25 year olds and over 55’s will be able to get involved in workshops such as photography, cooking, woodcarving and iTea4u. 

To start off this year’s project, we saw our first woodcarving workshop take place on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th January, at Blaise Weston Court sheltered housing. The workshop was held in the main atrium, allowing residents to pop in and watch those who were taking part in the sessions. The older people from the sheltered housing were joined by local pupils from Long Cross Gateway School. 

Over the two day workshops, the younger and older people were encouraged to work together, to design and build a bench. The aim behind the session is to help break down barriers between residents in the sheltered housing and younger people in the local community, as a lot of the residents are no longer independent and a lot of the younger people have never been in an environment such as sheltered housing before. It was clear to see by the end of the second day, that the sessions had helped to challenge any stereotypes and perceptions that the generations might have had of each other. 

For anyone visiting Blaise Weston Court, the bench can now be found proudly sitting in the communal gardens for residents to enjoy. 

For more information on our Restorative Workshops, please call 0117 353 3042 or click here