Give New Age Kurling a try in Stockwood!

Stockwood has recently begun hosting a New Age Kurling group at the South Bristol Sports Centre. The very friendly and fun group, plays the newly developed game every Wednesday, from 11am – 12:30pm.

To describe the game, you just have to imagine Curling, (the game Great Britain has been doing rather well at in recent Winter Olympics) without the ice. So rather than stones that slide along ice, New Age Kurling has stones that run along the floor on ballbearings. Participants take it in turns to roll their stones towards a target, with the aim of getting as many of your stones as close as you can, to the bulls eye.

This very addictive game, suits all abilities. Participants can either stand and bend down to roll the stone, stand and use a specifically designed pusher to push the stone or play seated or in a wheelchair, using the pusher.

So either just turn up, or to find out more please call 0117 971 5873