The Colston Yard Tackles Loneliness This Christmas

On Monday 7th and 14th December, The Colston Yard Pub and Restaurant held two Christmas lunches for 100 LinkAge participants. 

The Colston Yard approached LinkAge after being made increasingly aware of the rise of older people spending Christmas alone. The Colston Yard offered to host two Christmas lunches free of charge for 100 of our participants. 

On the 7th and 14th December, LinkAge participants travelled from across Bristol to enjoy a traditional Christmas meal of Turkey or Nut Roast, followed by a delicious selection of desserts. Not only was the meal free of charge, but Colston Yard’s suppliers also donated the food for the lunches. The 100 older people who attended were also given a gift of a tin of biscuits to take home with them.


“It was so lovely and kind of them to do the lunch.” “It was amazing.” 

“We wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to do something like this.” 

“I would never have been able to afford something as nice as this.”

“I met new people.” “The food was delicious.”


At the end of both lunches the kitchen staff, chef and waiting staff were greeted with a standing ovation and round of applause from the older people. A collection of tips was also organised to show staff how much they appreciated their generosity.  

LinkAge participant Betty Culpin said, “How lucky are we to have such a lovely meal today, LinkAge and The Colston Yard. What can I say; we were served by lovely people with lovely food, all for free. I am amazed. What a Christmas we have had here at LinkAge already. But I did leave my spinning top from my cracker behind, oh dear!”

One group of older people even gave the Colston Yard a hand written thank you note on the day, which many of them signed. Laura Smith the main organiser of both events was also presented with a bouquet of flowers. 

We would like to thank Colston Yard again for their generosity and we look forward to continuing to work with them in 2016.