South Bristol Walk Leaders Network

On Tuesday 25th July, 17 older people attended LinkAge’s South Bristol Walk Leaders Network, at Burges Salmon in Bristol.

The morning was a great opportunity for walk leaders from 6 South Bristol walking groups, to network and make connections with other walk leaders in their area, share their experiences, explore cross-community walks and also find out about useful resources.

On the day we were joined by speakers Jo Stokes, LinkAge’s Manager of Partnerships, Contract and Operations, who gave an update on LinkAge and the support that the organisation can offer. Walk Leaders Betty Culpin and Roger Greenhalgh, who shared their experiences of walking. Cheryl Martin, LinkAge’s Project Officer, who spoke about the importance of monitoring and evaluation and Laura Hathway, Healthy Living Centre’s Wellbeing Co-ordinator, who also spoke about the importance of risk assessments. 

Participants also took part in some Fun, ‘Fast & Furious’ Speed networking, where they were given two minutes to introduce themselves, find out about the other persons walking group and any challenges that the group has faced.

The event finished with a fantastic buffet lunch which was kindly supplied by Burges Salmon. 

Feedback from the day was positive with walkers saying, “I enjoyed meeting, chatting and swapping ideas with other walk leaders” and another saying, “I learnt more about the key issues facing walking groups.”

We would like to thank Burges Salmon for their ongoing support and generosity in hosting the network.