Redcliffe Volunteers Hit ASDA

Yesterday, volunteers from our Redcliffe Hub hit Asda with their cheer, handing out brochures to everyone and anyone who might be eligible!
One of our volunteers helping on the day, devised a poem to encourage people to take a read…

"Before you toss me in the bin,

why not see what lies within?

Activities both big and small,

something to suit one and all.

Gardening and skittles to name but a few,

or Tai Chi and Scrabble might appeal to you,

then there's painting and crafting, and lots, lots more,

just take a peep inside for pursuits galore!


So before you toss me in the bin, 

Please take a look at what lies within."

Yvonne Long

Brilliant work ladies! If you'd like to find out more about what's going on in the local area then call Hannah Currant on 07904 096 544.