Quiz Time with LinkAge

On the 3rd March, five teams battled it out at Shirehampton's Fundraising Quiz for a mountain of chocolate and the wooden spoon. I’m not even sure which took pride of place judging by the fun being had by the various teams. With six rounds in contention on subjects such as sport, films, famous people and Bristol there was plenty of discussion going on, along with pained expressions and light bulb moments. As with any quiz there has to be a winner and a loser. The Walkie Talkies won the quiz with John Morris saying “It was good to exercise the old grey cells and meet up with some new people but I cannot believe my team mates out voted me on the Batman answer. I told them it was George Clooney!”

The coveted 'No Hopers' won the Wooden Spoon for a second time running and a plan of action is now being put in place for the hatrick. “We are proud to be the winners again of the wooden spoon,” said team member Monica Simons.

With raffle tickets bought, prizes given out and tea, coffee and cake consumed, it was clear to see that it was a highly enjoyable afternoon.

£116 was raised for the Shirehampton LinkAge Hub, so thank you to everyone for their support.

Kathryn Courtney