Ivor Visits Stockwood Skittles Group

The Stockwood skittles group got a surprise recently when they were visited by a 90 year old gentleman called Ivor. This doesn’t sound that surprising considering LinkAge’s activities are for older people I hear you murmur. Well, you’re wrong, as the interesting thing about Ivor is that he is a puppet.

Ivor is part of a community arts project called The Ivor Project, that has been funded by the Bristol Green Capital’s Neighbourhood Arts programme. The Ivor project is a fun and interactive project for Stockwood residents. It involves Ivor visiting many diverse groups to talk about Stockwood life and in particular, the nice things that people do for each other that make a difference. The projects aim is to hold some intergenerational workshops towards the end of the year, and the workshops will encourage those who attend to explore the theme of the project whilsting talking, interacting and getting to know other people of all ages and walks of life.

Whilst at the skittles, Ivor made sure that he had a good chat with the skittles group and even had a go at the game himself. You can expect to see Ivor at several other LinkAge groups over the next few months.

Click here to visit the Ivor Project page