Restorative Justice

At LinkAge we’re thrilled to have secured funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner to deliver an exciting new intergenerational restorative justice project, in partnership with Safer Bristol and Bristol City Council Housing. The Connecting Generations Project, is a new extension to our well established intergenerational work across the city and will build on our fantastic record of bringing older and younger people together through fun and meaningful activities.

The project is primarily aimed at older people affected by anti-social behaviour and younger people at risk of receiving, or who have received Acceptable Behaviour Contracts. The project has five key outcomes:

 Reduction in reported feelings of isolation

 Reduction in intergenerational stereotypes between young and old people

 Increased feeling of safety for older victims of anti-social behaviour and low level crimes

 Reduction in younger people engaging in anti-social behaviour and low level crime

 Increased number of young people engaging in structured activities

 Increased understanding of restorative approaches in the community

We will be running a series of engaging and informative activity workshops including photography and film, cooking, wood carving and iTea4u.

The workshops will bring older and younger people together to share skills, knowledge and experience but more importantly, will act as a catalyst to introduce restorative ideas, challenge stereotypes and increase understanding between the generations. In the longer term we hope it will encourage participation in positive activities for both younger and older people within their community.

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For more information please contact Susan Kingdon on 0117 353 3042 or email