Beginners Tai Chi Starting Soon in Stockwood


Tai Chi is an exercise that consists of slow, controlled movements that can improve balance and promote relaxation and two successful classes have been running in Stockwood for some time.

A beginners Tai Chi Class is starting soon in Stockwood at the South Bristol Sports Centre. Currently only intermediate classes run on Tuesday and Friday and these classes cannot accept beginners to Tai Chi. However, from after half term the Friday class will revert to a beginner class for the rest of the 5 weeks of term.

The beginners session is starting on Friday 27th January, 10am – 11am, at the South Bristol Sports Centre. Anyone over 55 is welcome to attend and can come to the first session for free if they decide it is not for them and they don’t want to stay for the 5 week course. Those wanting to stay have to pay £17.50 upfront at the second session on Friday 6th March for the remainder of the course.

After the Easter holidays the Friday class will revert back to an intermediate class and those that attended the 5 week course will be able to attend either the Tuesday or Friday class.

Happy Tai Chi-ing!