Tea-Time Two-Step


As part of the Celebrating Age Festival Lincoln Gardens held a Tea Party which aimed to get people who live in the local area to come along and get to know each other. The event attracted in total nineteen people, two of whom do not live at Lincoln Gardens.

Everyone who attended expressed that they had a really good time…
“It was really good, I liked the music.”                      “We would like to see more of this happen.”                                 “It was good to see two people who do not live here come to visit.”        
            “Thank you for doing this.”

Tea Party at Lincoln Gardens 7th October 2014

– Partnership event between LinkAge and Neighbourhood Partnership.


Another event that took place during the Celebration of Age was a tea dance at the Trinity Centre. This has always been a popular event and the forty five people who attended this year had a ball. The singer Chris Woodchuck, was back by popular demand; it was his third time with us. He lived up to expectations as people sang along and danced during his performance. 

The audience comprised of members from dance groups affiliated to LinkAge and led by Barry. We also had people from Lincoln Gardens and Colliers Gardens; we welcomed for the first time a large group from The Worthies.

The music was lively and engaging as the majority of attendees got up and danced the afternoon away.

“We really enjoyed that. When are you having the next one.”                    “I am so glad we came.” 

Tea Dance at the Trinity Centre 10th October 2014

– Joint event between Trinity Centre and LinkAge.