Restorative Film and Photography Workshop

On Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th November, LinkAge held its first film and photography workshop, based on the Restorative Approach.

The two day workshop saw 2 older people and 5 younger people work together to recreate photographs, that show the Bristol Docks and the City Centre then and now.

On Wednesday, the two groups set off with their cameras and phones in hand and copies of the original photographs.  After over an hour of exploring, the groups returned to Princes House, where they then uploaded and printed their new photos. The groups were asked to take part in an informal discussion where they should compare the original and new photographs. They were asked to think about whether the changes that they could see in the photographs to the areas were good and have had a positive effect, or whether they have had a negative impact on the area.  Leading off of this discussion, they were then asked to have a discussion on the areas that they live in, and the possible challenges that they face in their community and how they could improve these challenges. 

On Wednesday, the group were visited by Helen Rosenthal and Marc Hole. It was a great opportunity for them to meet some of the participants of our Restorative workshops and also find out how the projects been going so far.

To summarise the two day workshop, the two groups were asked to compile a slideshow showcasing the work that they had produced. Overall, the workshop was a success and really gave those who attended the opportunity to work together as a team through the Restorative Approach. 

Our next workshop will be taking place on Friday 4th and Friday 11th December from 10 – 12:30pm at Knowle DGE School on Leinster Avenue. These sessions will be exploring the Restorative Approach through cooking. Please phone Susan Kingdon on 0117 353 3042 to book a space.