Post-Retirement Opportunities Planning Workshop

Last week, LinkAge Network held one of our popular Post-Retirement Opportunities (PRO) planning workshops, as part of October’s Celebrating Age Festival.

The workshop began with the participants acknowledging their hopes, aspirations and concerns about retirement. We concluded that change usually comes with its own set of pros and cons, but that by taking stock of the situation, being proactive and making informed choices we can feel more in control.

“There’s no messing about when you’re older” said one participant, with the rest of the group agreeing that they want to make the most of their retirement.

We reflected on different areas of life: good health; enough money; social connections; and a sense of purpose and identity, using the PRO resources (below) which offers a framework of things to consider and contains a useful directory.

We also discussed ‘living off-peak’ and the opportunities for older people in Bristol, such as ways to save money, social gatherings, personal development and different work opportunities.

Thanks to all who attended for their valuable input, and to Jim Currie of Reinventing Retirement, who led the session.

To download this as a PDF document, see below.