Ping Pong Tournament at the Beehive

Two LinkAge hubs joined together to put on a Ping tournament on Monday 3rd November. The event was organised by Sue Carpenter who coaches two groups, one at St Luke’s Church and the other at the Beehive. About 25 people attended to witness a series of sets which led to the emergence of the eventual winner and champion Margaret who plays at St. Luke’s and the Beehive.

The matches were keenly but fairly contested under the eagle eyes of the scorers. The players exhibited an amazing level of skill and it would be true to say that some of them even surprised their team mates.

So congratulations again to: Sue for coaching the players and getting the tournament together, Margaret the current champion and all the players who took part and the individuals who provided the refreshments.

“It was brilliant.”                     “I haven’t had so much fun in a long time.”               “Re-match.”           “We want them to come to St. Luke’s.”    “I really enjoyed it although I did not win my match.”