Bedminster toilet map

Member Highlight: What About Toilet Maps?

£1000 of funding has been awarded to design and print the fourth Bedminster Toilet Map.

Bedminster’s first toilet map arose following a discussion at the Bedminster Older Peoples’ Forum around national research, which indicated that some people, mostly older ones, were afraid to leave home because they might need access to a toilet. This hidden disability is a significant contributor to social isolation and loneliness.

The maps raise awareness to the around 20 sites, mostly community and commercial buildings across BS3, which are accessible to the public. The recent closing of public toilets in Bristol makes such community interventions that much more important if neighbourhoods are going to encourage people out of their houses.

We were pleasantly surprised that many local organisations were prepared to feature on our map without an automatic requirement that toilet users would buy a cup of tea or other item, at least on that particular day.

Our friends in Brislington published their first map in 2017. Other neighbourhoods might be interested in producing their own toilet map. Get in touch with Ben at for more information.

Written by Ben Barker, part of Bedminster Social Club and BS3 Community who are members of LinkAge Network.