LinkAge featured as an Inspiring Partnership


LinkAge Bristol's Intergenerational work, has been featured in the Bank of Ireland's 'Inspiring Partnership' video series.

The series showcases several unique partnerships from around the world, whose work is helping to make a difference to people’s lives. LinkAge's Intergenerational work has been focused on as one of the key ingredients to partnership work, using innovative ways of bringing generations together, learning mutual respect.

Working in partnership with other people, whether sociably or in business requires patience and understanding from both parties. The Bristol-based charity, LinkAge, is designed to enrich the lives of older people by promoting active participation in the community.

LinkAge has launched a generation spanning initiative which brings together over 55s with younger people as a way of generating mutual respect and understanding through the sharing of skills, knowledge and interests.  The appreciation and consideration for one another is designed to simultaneously combat loneliness in the older generation whilst offering advice such as cooking to the younger individuals.

In this film, we see an IT class which partnered pensioner, Betty, with a local teenager, Sophie, to address specific tech-related questions. The idea is to create a nurturing environment where no question is too small and patience is encouraged. Over tea and biscuits afterwards the pairs can get to know each other socially and trade stories.

On a wider level, the charity has dances, sporting socials and passion projects such as gardening where generations can work side by side and learn mutual respect. Together, Sophie and Betty have shared life skills and experiences. As Betty says, “Everybody is an individual and they all have life experience that may be beneficial to you at your age.”

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