Keep it Safe and Legal

Charity fundraising is subject to law and legislation. So to help you make sure your fundraising activities stay legal we’ve produced the following points to help you understand the law whilst raising money and having a good time.

You may need to take out additional insurance if you organise fundraising events. Please make sure you check this out before your event or activity takes place.

Data Protection
The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force in May 2018. It is important you make sure any paper or electronic records you keep about people involved in fundraising events comply with GDPR.

Risk assess
Undertake a risk assessment to indentify any risks and/or hazards and your plan to mitigate them. For more information go to the Health and Safety Executive

For more information on hygiene standards and making sure any food is safe to eat you should contact your local council’s food safety team or Food Standards Agency

A license may be required if you are selling alcohol or offering it is a prize. Your local council can provide information.
Posters, flyers and advertisements

Posters, flyers and advertisements
We would encourage you to use the LinkAge Network poster to promote your fundraising event. All posters and advertisements must carry our Registered Charity Number 1143816.

In public places you will need to obtain permission from the local council.
Privately owned areas e.g. shopping centres, pubs etc. – you will need to obtain permission from the owners. LinkAge Network can provide you with collection tins and information on collecting. Note house to house, door to door and pub to pub collections are subject to strict regulations, therefore LinkAge Network does not endorse these type of collections.

Handling money
After you have collected your fundraising money you have a responsibility to count it and keep it safe until you bank it. Do make sure where possible:
– Two people are present when money is handled and counted
– Keep cash collected in a secure container, or safe and bank the money as soon as possible
– When carrying cash take care; keep money out of sight, have someone with you and/or carry a personal alarm

Lotteries, raffles and prize draws
Lotteries, raffles and prize draws are all governed by legislation. In addition lottery laws cover any events which are purely down to chance or luck e.g. balloon race. For more information contact the Gambling Commission

First aid
Make sure you have adequate first aid cover available if you are organising an event. For further information and guidance please contact your local council.