iTea4U – Young People Lead The Way


With a huge technology gap between the generations and more older people wanting to get online, this was a great example of how working together can benefit everyone involved. 

LinkAge joined forces with 3aaa and Envision Bristol to offer an afternoon of 1 to 1 technology support to older people from across the City. Nearly 30 older people came armed with laptops, tablets, mobile phones and digital cameras, each with individual requests for support and questions about their piece of technology. With young people perceived as ‘experts’ in modern technology, this was a chance for them to share their knowledge and experience with those 55 plus with requests ranging from getting online and uploading photos through to skyping with family and using social media. Ricky Bush, Intergenerational Community Development Worker said “It was fantastic to see the young people being able to share their knowledge of a subject with older people who they would not normally spend time with. The feedback from the older people has been extremely positive with everyone saying how much they learnt but also how patient the young people were with them”    

After the success of this event we are planning more iTea4U sessions, so please contact Ricky Bush if you'd like to get involved on 07807 706 310 or