I Am Worthy by Self-Injury Through Time

An unexpected group of strangers come together one evening, to discuss the one thing they all have in common.

Through sharing their own experiences and hearing each others’, they begin to question the perception they’ve always held about self-injury and ask themselves “Am I Worthy?”

On the 15th and 16th July 2024, join the participants of Self-injury Through Time for an evening of visual art, theatre and spoken word, exploring how attitudes towards self-injury have changed and what still needs to change to challenge the stigma.

Note: this event will contain references to self-injury and suicide. A break-out space will be provided for those who need a moment. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like any more detail about this.

Exhibition doors open at 6.30pm, Performance to start at 7.15pm.

I Am Worthy by Self Injury Through Time

Location & times

  • 18:30 - 21:00
  • Venue: acta Community Theatre
  • Gladston Street
    Bristol BS3 3AY
  • Bedminster
  • 0.00
  • Additional cost information: Please book ahead
  • Contact: rosa@acta-bristol.com

Recurring dates

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