Bedminster Wellbeing Day


LinkAge Bedminster, Southville and Ashton held their annual Wellbeing Day on the 8th July with the day focusing around things that improve mental and/or physical well-being and there was a selection of free taster sessions for people to try out. These included Line Dancing, ‘Use it Or Lose It’, Creative Writing, Chair Yoga and New Age Kurling. 

Everyone enjoyed the sessions and we can even share some of the creative output from the Creative Writing class. Here is a poem that the group collectively wrote:



Summer is a wonderful season

Full of long sunny days,

Adventures to festivals.

With good music and food,

Rainbows and sunshine,

Completely delicious days.

Breeze blowing gently on the dancing flowers

Nature burgeoning and filling the garden

Eating a lot of free vegetables

Grown by incredible edible at the community farm

Long hot days

More festivals followed by rain showers.

Home after a long period away,

Enjoying walking in the countryside,

Lush green.

Then lonely salad in the shade

Many thanks to all the other organisations that came and talked to attendants. These included Healthwatch, Well Aware, The Care Forum, ACTA, U3A, RNIB and West of England Care and Repair. 

Many thanks also to the practitioners giving FREE manicures and massages which many enjoyed on the day. Many tense shoulders were rubbed and hands pampered. In fact, it was hard to dislodge people from the therapy corner it was so popular!