A Healthy Focus for Bristol’s BME Elders Groups for the New Year!


Shelagh Hetreed, BME Elders Groups Sustainability Development Worker has been busy collaborating with a range of health and advice professionals, to bring workshops and talks to the BME Elders groups in the Lawrence Hill, Easton area since the New Year.

Last year the groups had Emergency First Aid instruction from The Red Cross, leaning such amazing advice that if you need to resuscitate someone and are unable to bend over them, you can use a walking stick or your heel to give compressions!

This year the groups are benefitting from: 

Benefit Advice:

Sarah from the St Pauls Advice Centre who has been offering 1:1 support to make sure that everyone is claiming the right benefits.

Dementia Action:

Jane from the NHS who is advising the groups on the way forward if they are concerned about themselves or someone around them, showing early signs of Dementia.

Bone Health:

Bethany from Bristol University who visited some of the groups and is now following up with home visits, supporting those who have relevant health issues.

Mobile Phone/Tablet Use and Support:

EE who are about to start workshops on how to get the most from your mobile phones and tablets (the electronic variety!).

Health Watch Champion Training:

In January, we were delighted to arrange a half day workshop for The LinkAge BME elders Groups Consortium members to have training from Health Watch to become Champions.  Joni from Health Watch ran an excellent workshop at Barton Hill Settlement where the 11 attendees learned about their excellent service that gathers information about the public’s experiences of health services and feeds it back to the appropriate parts of the NHS.

Participants were invited to sign up to become ‘Champions’ for their organisations and have a ‘hot line’ to report back their experiences and those of their community.

So What Next?

Well, Shelagh is in talks with Ingrid at Breast Cancer and Breast Awareness and will be discussing this latest offer with the Consortium members at their next meeting in March.

The groups have really appreciated all the professionals giving up their time to inform the group on such important issues.


To contact Shelagh Hetreed about her work with the BME Elders groups please call 07867 500 583 or email shelaghhetreed@linkagewestofengland.org.uk